Welcome to Divine Destiny Worship Centre a people with a passion for the presence, person and character of God; for whom WORSHIP is a doing word, a verb and not a noun...

When the Lord issued the directive to change the name of the assembly from Bible Deliverance Centre to Divine Destiny Worship Centre, I asked him to show me the passage in scripture, which will most aptly describe the essence of the new season into which He was bringing us. He took  me to Exodus 19:4-6.

It is out of this passage of Scripture that God has been unfolding the new structure of Divine Destiny Worship Centre. Our Motto, Vision Statement, Mission Statement, Destiny Statement and the general direction into which we are now heading have all emerged out of these verses.

"You have seen what I have done to the Egyptians"

This passage of Scripture really embodies God's original intent for delivering Israel and, by extension, us from Satan's bondage. After destroying Egypt's political and legal system by turning the gods that the Egyptians worshipped into plagues, God annihilated their military power by drowning Pharaoh and his army in the Red Sea. In so doing, He set Israel free from the bondage of slavery, thus establishing the pattern, which He follows in bringing us into salvation; He attacks and subdues the thief (Satan), who, together with the forces of darkness, who has stolen our birthright, killed our initiative and destroyed our hopes. Then, he brings us through the blood to a place where we have life and have it more abundantly; John10:10.

"How I bare you on eagles wings"

The journey from slavery in Egypt to prosperity in Canaan was supposed to be God's responsibility with little effort on Israel's part. The key principle, governing the process, though, was Israel's continued willingness to live in harmony with the will of God. The same principle holds true for the Church today –

Psalms 37:4: Delight thyself also in the Lord; and he will give you the desires of thine heart.

Psalms 84:11: No good thing will he withold from them that walk uprightly.

Our Motto :

I will bear you on eagles wings........and brought you unto myself

When God sets us free, He lays exclusive claims to us. Our availability is what He needs to truly mould us into His likeness and image. In this way it becomes possible for Him to develop His character in us.

Statement of Faith

We Believe that the Godhead or Holy Trinity is one, eternally triune in existence, comprising of three persons who are co-equal, co-eternal and co-substantial, the Holy Trinity, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

We Believe in the self-emptying act of God the Son. His incarnation by way of His virgin birth, His sinless and perfectly exemplified humanity while yet being God, His atoning and substitutionary, vicarious and redemptive death. His triumphant bodily resurrection, His ascension and glorification to the Father's right hand,and His personal return at the last trump.

We Believe that salvation is only possible through the atoning blood of Jesus by the grace of God, through the confessing faith of he seeker and that the latter is reconciled to God, by being regenerated by the power of the Holy Spirit.

We Believe that the baptism with the Holy Spirit is an essential condition for holy living and Christian witness and that signs and wonders through the operations of the gifts of the Spirit must constitute an integral part of the Church's mission, the fruit of the Spirit being the ultimate evidence of this baptism.

We Believe in the assembling of believers in Christ all over the world, thus constituting the Church or Body of Christ of which Jesus Christ is Lord and Head and that the two great sacraments - Baptism by immersion and the Lord's Supper, are ordinances left by Christ for His Church to observe.

We Believe that the local Church is a strategic forum for the birthing and nurturing of the five-fold ministry gifts: the Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor and Teacher and that the Church must do all in its power to support the move of the Holy Spirit in these directions.

We Believe in the rapture of the Church of Jesus Christ at His second coming, in which the dead in Christ shall be resurrected and be caught up together with the living saints of God to meet the Lord in the air, and thereafter live and reign with Him eternally in His kingdom; and that later the unregenerated dead shall also be resurrected, but unto the resurrection of damnation, to be cast into the lake of fire with the unregenerate living and Satan himself.

At Divine Destiny Worship Centre we believe in the power of the spoken word having the ability to bring into tangible reality that which already exists in the Spirit. In light of this, we set aside time in every service to declare one or all of the following statements. We have challenged every Covenantor to learn them and teach them to their children.

Mission Statement

Divine Destiny Worship Centre has been established to raise up a people with a dominion mentality who, driven by a passion for the presence and character of God, discovers, pursues and fulfills destiny.

Vision Statement

To see every covenantor develop a passion for the presence, person and character of God as exemplified by the life style of the eagle.

Destiny Statement

To become God's treasured possession in the earth, empowered to rule, yet willing to serve.


Divine represents the nature and character of God. Consequently, at Divine Destiny Worship Centre, our deep-seated quest is to discover what truly comprises the nature and character of God and to make the necessary adjustments to program this into our own lives.


Destiny refers to the original purpose for which God sends one into the earth. We deduce this from the discourse between God and the prophet Jeremiah, in Jeremiah 1:5-10.html. Consequently, at Divine Destiny Worship Centre our intention is to encourage God's people to discover their divinely ordained destiny; educate them in the dynamics of pursuing that destiny and equip them with the strategies, tools and power to accomplish it.


At Divine Destiny Worship Centre, we like to say that WORSHIP is a doing word - a verb, not a noun. It is not what we say, sing, dance, or any such thing. It is what we do, in obedience to what the Father wants at every moment.


On the one hand, Centre represents the place to which we all come to bring ourselves, our gifts and our talents as offerings of praise and worship unto God. On the Converse, having been endued with divine power at the Centre, we disperse to our respective homes, communities and work places to impact our fellowmen with the message of the Kingdom of God.

Bible Deliverance Centre

In the early 70's, the Lord called Sis. Claire Salandy, already in her late fifties, into ministry. She promptly responded with a loud Here I am, Lord In response, the Lord endued her with a powerful anointing for healing and deliverance.

Sis. Salandy, together with her husband, Ellis, and a few faithful saints began conducting weekly services at her home. Within a short time the impact of the anointing caused the crowds to swell beyond the capacity of the Salandy's residence at Cemetery Street, Diego Martin. To meet the demand, they sought and found land in upper Cemetery Street, on which they erected a building, only to have it demolished, in short order, by relatives of the donor.

However, this was a blessing in disguise, because it triggered a search, which led to the acquisition of property that included the lot on which our new edifice now stands and a building, which was demolished to make way for our present parking lot. That building served for upwards of 20 years as the Sanctuary, Office and other facilities for Bible Deliverance Centre.

In 1995, Rev. Salandy, as a true Apostle, sensed that her time to finish her course, both in ministry and in this life, was drawing near. Understanding the vital principle of continuity in ministry, she began seeking the Lord for someone to whom she could pass the baton of leadership. She related that one day she distinctly heard the Lord say to her,"Call Prophet Vivian Duncan and offer him the leadership of Bible Deliverance Centre".

At that time, Rev. Salandy did not even know who Prophet Duncan was. However, by divine providence, she heard Prophet Duncan ministering on the radio that very week. She secured his telephone number and the rest of the story reads like a perfect example of the hand of the Lord at work. Prophet Duncan and the team of Ministers of Divine Encounter Fellowship Ministries International accepted the mandate of leadership in that same year.

Here is a highlighted chronology of what has happened thus far:

Prophet Vivian Duncan of Divine Encounter Fellowship assumed oversight of Bible Deliverance Centre
Official handing over of Bible Deliverance Centre to Divine Encounter Fellowship Ministries International at celebration of 20th Anniversary.
Prophet Vivian Duncan and his wife, Pastor Jemma Duncan assumed full responsibility for Bible Deliverance Centre.
Easter Sunday - The prophetic call to erect a new building.
Transition process and new building begin.
Pastor Salandy promoted to glory.
The Lord gives directive to Prophet Duncan to change the name and structure of the ministry from Bible Deliverance Centre to Divine Destiny Worship Centre. Since then a whole new vision has begun to emerge.
May 25th – Dedication of present facilities.(First of many to come)

A whole new entity now exists on the very spot where a mighty woman of  God decided to take a stand for her God. Where this will go next nobody knows and that is what makes us so excited at Divine Destiny Worship Centre. We are like Abraham; we are looking for that city that place and state of being where our pre-determined destiny will come to full fruition. It is truly an adventure in faith. But we know that as we continue to walk in obedience, history will record that we made it to that city, whose builder and maker is God.

If you are not already one of us, why not join us on our journey. You will not regret it.